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SACTWU Spring Queen 2011 Finals

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On 12th November 2011 SACTWU hosted yet another successful Spring Queen. The Good Hope Centre was packed with 5000 workers attending and being entertained by dance groups and local acts The Boyz and Vibe. The fashion pageant showcased local garments and at the same time showing off the ladies who contributed to the manufacturing of the clothing. 



This year SACTWU introduced the SACTWU’s Got Talent competition where Shafieka Engelbrecht from Pals Clothing wowed the crowd with her amazing voice and stage presence and was announced the winner.




46 ladies took to the stage in beautiful gowns and impressed the judges. After six weeks of practice and trying to find the right look, Jade Losper, from Mitchell’s Plain, and who has been working at Sheraton Textiles as a folder for the past 12 months, was announced as the SACTWU Spring Queen for 2011.





Angelika Jacobs from Bonwit is our 1st Princess, with Monique Dassie from Xenon as the 2nd Princess. The prize for Miss Personality was awarded to Emmerencia Petersen from Barrie Cline, with Charter Clothing’s Zurina Scholtz judged as being Best Dressed.