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Tuesday, 28 September 2010 13:52



The 11th National Congress of the Southern African Clothing & Textile Workers’ Union(SACTWU) has heard that the union’s bursary fund has produced 283 degree and diploma graduates and paid out about R10 million to almost 3 000 students, over the 3-year period 1 July 2007 to end June 2010, since the union’s previous Congress held in August 2007. The SACTWU bursars are all dependants of the union’s members or direct members themselves. All of them would not have been able to afford the cost of such higher and further education without the union’s non-refundable  bursary scheme.

The graduates include 20 accountants, 5 lawyers, 8 engineers and 4 medical doctors. Together with other graduates, the union is proud to announce this major working class contribution to concretely help solve our country’s scarce and critical skills shortage.

Each bursar is required to provide 50 hours of voluntary community service and since this was first introduced in 2008, our bursars have collectively delivered almost 24 000 hours of such voluntary community service.

SACTWU’s bursary fund scheme is self-administered.

Go to http://www.sactwu.org.za/events/national-congress and search the ‘documents’ section for more details.

Issued by
Andre Kriel
General Secretary

If further comment is required, kindly contact Fachmy Abrahams, Co-ordinator in the Office of the General Secretary,  on 021 4474570.