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Monday, 29 November 2010 14:39

Press Release


1 December, is World Aids Day.  This is an important opportunity for the clothing, textile and leather industry  to step up the fight against HIV/AIDS. The Southern African Clothing & Textile Workers’ Union (SACTWU) call on all employers in our industry to grant workers and extra 30 minutes’ paid time-off on World Aids Day, to engage in awareness programmes.

In this regard, we advise that this year’s clothing industry wage agreement states as follows:

“The industry acknowledges the importance of creating awareness of the HIV/Aids pandemic. To this end, employers are encouraged to grant employees on World International HIV/Aids Day thirty minutes’ paid time off to participate in awareness activities agreed to at industry level.”

The parties (clothing employers and the union) have agreed at industry level that, for this year, the awareness activity as set out below shall be applicable for this year, in those workplaces where the extra 30 minutes time-off has been agreed to at plant level:

Workers and management shall discuss and agree on the three most important practical measures that can be concretely implemented at that workplace, to help combat the spread of HIV/AIDS in our country.

Workplaces are requested to submit their agreed three measures to the bargaining council health care fund offices. These will be consolidated and made available to the industry generally, so that we could draw on each other’s experience.

The parties encourage all employers to grant this extra 30 minutes paid time-off and to do so as an extension of the normal lunch-break on 1 December this year. However, we delegate to workplaces the flexibility to determine (in discussion between management and shop stewards) what time-off arrangement would practically best suit the needs of their workplace.

We call on workers and management to work together to make this humble  initiative a great success.

Issued by

Andre Kriel
General Secretary

If further information is required, kindly contact the Director of the SACTWU Worker Health Care Program, Nikki Soboil on 0824493029 or Fachmy Abrahams, Co-ordinator in the Office of the General Secretary, on 021 4474570.