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Friday, 29 April 2005 13:07

Press Release

Save Jobs Coalition asks the public to support the Label of Origin and retailers to sign Code of Local Procurement.




The Save Jobs Coalition welcomes the coming enactment of “Label of Origin” legislation on 23 rd May 2005 and will be raising awareness at all major shopping centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town on the morning of Saturday 30 April. The new law commits all retailers of clothing, textiles and footwear products to display clearly on all their goods, the country in which they were produced.

Memoranda will also be delivered to Edgars, Foshini, Pick ‘n Pay and Mr. Price stores – in which stores, goods continue to come largely from Asian countries with unconscionable labour practices.

The respective management bodies of these stores will be reminded of the role they can play in bolstering the South African local economy, by signing the Code with COSATU to procure at least 75% of their in-store goods locally. Such a Code will secure hundreds of thousands the decency of a working wage, and easing the poverty of those dependent upon them.

The public will be encouraged that from the 23rd of May, they can take a more ethical approach to their shopping experience. By looking for the label of origin, they can now choose to support fair labour practices and the local South African economy while protecting hundreds of thousands from the injustice of poverty.

The Save Jobs Coalition brings together the SACC, COSATU, TAC as well as other community organisations and faith leaders that are concerned about international trade regulations and its local impact on job creation and poverty eradication.


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