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Thursday, 03 February 2011 00:00

2011 Sactwu Bargaining Conference


The SACTWU Bargaining Conference is the union’s annual gathering where mandates for upcoming wage negotiations are considered and consolidated and where new policy issues are explored.

This Conference is attended by approximately 200 shop stewards and staff, from all parts of the country and representing all sectors of the union. The Conference is preceded in February where mandates are collected from each workplace organised by the union, consolidated into regional sectoral proposals and then formulated into national wage proposals at the Bargaining Conference.

The Bargaining Conference signals the start of the union’s annual bargaining season at national level. The union’s sector negotiators, researchers, admin and technical support staff and elected national secretariat has met in Cape Town over three days from 30 January 2011 to 1 February 2011 to prepare implementation of the union’s POA for 2011, of which our wage bargaining program is a central pillar.

This year’s National Planning Meeting (NPM) was attended by 35 staff members under the theme: “What is to be done?” The outcomes of this NPM will be tabled for consideration by the union’s worker leadership who will attend our Bargaining Conference and for further constitutional structural endorsement at our March 2011 National Executive Committee meeting